The project is to create a fit for purpose accessible learning centre in the heart of Inverurie. The project will involve the installation of a lift to a first floor of the current premises housing Fly Cup Catering Limited. Included in the space will be a room with a partition to divide it for multiple flexible uses and separate training sessions. As part of an energy saving initiative it is intended to upgrade windows, lighting and heating systems. The creating of the Learning centre will commence in the late summer of 2017 and be ready for utilisation by Spring 2018. Once complete, the learning centre will be used to expand the current training programme to support Fly Cup Catering trainees, young students from the feeder schools and other third sector organisations allowing access to a formal accredited training programme through SQA and ASDAN accreditation bodies. In addition, to provide a sustainable income the space will be rentable by other organisations at a cost effective price for meetings and training events.