This NE INNS Project proposes to provide co-ordination by establishing an overarching INNS Forum covering the North East of Scotland including Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City. The project will employ a part-time Project Officer to establish and run the INNS Forum and to deliver the objectives set out by the project partners. These will involve the following elements:-
• Prevention and biosecurity to prevent establishment of new INNS within the project area
• Assist organisations/groups with capacity building for survey and monitoring of INNS plants, recruitment of volunteers, control work and other aspects of INNS work. This will involve providing training and will ensure that skills are available to continue this work in the long-term.
• Awareness raising amongst a wide range of individuals and organisations
• Co-ordinating effort on all aspects of INNS work at a regional scale
• Disseminating information on best practice, control techniques, research, funding etc.
• Assistance with access to resources to control INNS including training, chemicals, machinery and funding where this lies outside the scope of existing funded projects.
• To deliver a long-term mechanism, through the INNS Forum, that will ensure that co-ordination and co-operation on the control and monitoring of INNS continues beyond the short-term funded projects for control work.

In relation to the control of INNS, the project will initially focus on the three main problematic plant species listed in the first paragraph, however the Forum will provide an opportunity to consider and share good practice and knowledge in relation all invasive species relevant to the project area.